The Passenger App

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The PerGo Passenger App comes in two forms:

PerGo’s passenger app offers any company the ability to focus their users only on their cars in a given radius.   PerGo’s Free Universal passenger app always maintains a company’s identity through the ride process.  From ride request through payment, the passenger knows who they are really riding with.  The app is a true local marketplace for transportation services.  It offers potential passengers real-time information on a ride they are looking for.  All ride activity is available in realtime through your dedicated PerGo admin portal


A true local marketplace for transportation services.  It offers passengers real-time information on the ride they want.  PerGoRide for Android or iOS shows all available cars in a given radius around a passengers pick-up location.  

Your passengers will be able to conduct on demand calls for service or set up reservations for future service based on your settings, fares, and policies.