NEMT & Account Management

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Revolutionize Your NEMT Business with Pergo's Integrated Software

Pergo’s integrated NEMT (Non Emergency Medical Transportation) & Account Management Software allows operators of all sizes to manage the reporting and compliance responsibilities easily

  • Seemless Broker Integrations
  • Realtime Multi-State Compliance Integrations
  • Operate in low or no cellular coverage areas
  • Accept digital signature vouchers
  • Keep up with new demanding driver manifest formats seamlessly
  • Vehicle Maintenance Compliance
  • Lower your receivable timeline with automated invoice creation
    • Real time reporting and invoice creation from within your portal
    • See and process account payments the moment jobs have been completed
    • Set rules for account usage to minimize your exposure
  • Branded invoices, statements, and proof of service to your account clients

NEMT Account Management 2023