Our Pricing

Value Pricing

Our pricing is geared towards maximizing value.  You can add as many vehicles and drivers to your PerGO as you want without affecting your cost.

1 - 3 Vehicles

Up to 3 daily active vehicles
$ 50
Per Month

4 - 9 Vehicles

Up to 9 daily active vehicles
$ 100
Per Month

10 - 15 Vehicles

Up to 15 daily active vehicles
$ 200
Per Month

Spend Less and Get More

PerGo’s value proposition is to offer any size company a software platform with all the features and services needed to run a modern transportation operation.  And to offer it at the lowest cost possible.

Future Proof

A platform that is constantly growing with new features to help you run a better business.


PerGo works on a value model that gives you the same services you get elsewhere in one place for less money.


A platform that gives you all the tools you need in place.

How We Work

PerGo is designed to put all your business needs in one place and offer them at a cost lower than you will find anywhere else.  The more parts of PerGo You take advantage of the cheaper it becomes.


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