How often do you open your processing statement expecting to see one thing only to face another?

PerGo Payment Processing replaces your existing and often times expensive merchant processing with a low flat rate that is reliable and easy to understand.  You don’t need to cancel any existing services to start processing through PerGo.  There are no fixed monthly fees, surprise downgrades, or other surprises that leave you paying more per month than what you thought you were signing up for.  And because PerGo makes in car, card present transactions a reality you get the benefit of the lowest cost and safest transaction type fully integrated into your record keeping so with a point and click you always have a clear view of your bottom line….

Take back control of your business by taking back control of your payment processing costs.

  • Integrated Credit and Debit Card payment processing
  • Process both Card Present and Card-Not Present transactions for rides and invoice balances
  • Reduce Charge-back risk with the built in defense of an attached trip record
  • A reliable flat rate for every transaction
  • Manage your payments from one screen

Card Present

(In The Car)
2.6% + $0.15

Card Not-Present

(App, Portal, Card on File)
2.85% + $0.25